28 Feb 2009

Justice Virginia Bell, a CLC lawyer …

It is now notorious that the most recent appointment to the High Court, Justice Virginia Bell, once worked as a solicitor at Redfern Legal Centre in Sydney. Many, including.

1 Jan 2009

‘Police Verbals’, Mutant Death; Big Home Productions (EP), 1984

In Australia’s punk music scene in the early 1980s, The Black Assassins were said to be ‘Brisbane’s Ugliest Band’,(1) a reference to their appearance, not their music. Brisbane’s loss.

1 Jan 1994

‘Community Legal Centre’: A Statutory Definition

Buried in the much publicised Legal Profession Reform Act 1993 (NSW) is section 48H: Community Legal Centres. CLCs, fringe dwellers in the structure of the legal profession, are now.

1 Mar 1993

Community legal centres need to get serious about management

One of the substantial achievements of community legal centres (CLCs) over the past 15 years, and particularly during their proliferation over the past ten, has been their ability to.