14 Aug 2023

Stop expecting detail in the Constitution

The ‘no detail’ argument for a ‘no’ vote on the Voice referendum is at best misconceived, and at worst dishonest.  The simple position is that the Australian Constitution is.

13 Jan 2023

Iran, ‘revolutionary courts’, executions, and human rights

The Iranian government has attempted to brutally suppress the widespread protests sparked by the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in police custody in September 2022. Central to Iran’s response.

15 Mar 2022

A tribute to Peter Bailey

Peter Bailey, a remarkable advocate for justice, died in November 2021. If he heard himself described in this way Peter would no doubt smile his gentle smile and protest.

25 Sep 2021

As police power increases, scrutiny of those powers diminishes …

One day in the middle of spring last year a member of the New South Wales Police Force grabbed me from behind, kicked and pushed me to the ground,.

1 Mar 2013

Legal aid and a just and equitable society

It is time to transform the disregard that government has for the role of legal aid in a just and equitable society. A fundamental re-assessment is needed, of whether.

1 Jan 2009

Minorities, the marginalised, and Kirby J’s decisions

Hosting a trivia quiz on law reform and social justice, I warned contestants that, despite their instincts, the answer to four of the 10 questions was not ‘Michael Kirby’..

1 Jan 2000

The right to vote does not depend on speaking proper(ly)

On 5 November 1999 (the day before the November Referendum on a Republic), the Australian Monarchist League attempted to disenfranchise Australian voters on the basis of their ability to.

3 Mar 1999

Ensuring that school students know their rights

Is there something remarkable about informing young people about the laws that govern their lives? You might think so from the outcry that has followed the appearance of Know.

1 Jan 1997

Time to re-think legal aid?

The Legal and Constitutional References Committee of the Australian Senate considered the operation of legal aid in Australia, and reported in April 1997. The Committee was given a wide.

1 May 1994

An interview with Richard Chisholm

Richard Chisholm was for many years a professor of law at the University of New South Wales, and Judge of the Family Court. He is an expert in family.